Benefits of Lean Sigma

Organizations all over the world are faced with rising costs and increased competition.

As a business owner, you have two choices:

  • Raise prices (which will cost you customers)
  • Get better

The Lean Sigma improvement strategy used by Strategic Lean Consulting is the most effective way to get better.

When you make the decision to control your future through the implementation of Lean Sigma practices will realize the following benefits:

Increase Revenuebenefits of lean sigma

Your business will be able to:

  • Do more, with less
  • Become faster and more efficient
  • Improve quality, which results in happier customers

Decrease Costs

Your costs will be reduced in two ways:

  • Less waste – This is the strategy of reviewing the process and removing or reorganizing anything that isn’t necessary from the perspective of the customer
  • Fewer defects – This is the strategy of identifying the problems that affect quality and reducing them. The result is less waste and improved customer satisfaction

The result is a leaner organization that maximizes all of the business resources you have available.

Improve Efficiency

The efficiency of your business will be reduced by the following:

  • Streamlined processes
  • More focus on the end result
  • Better use of resources that have been freed up

Employee Development

In addition to the widely discussed benefits listed above, there are additional benefits for your employees.

When employees are engaged in the process, they develop an increased sense of responsibility and accountability.

Your employees will:

  • Be more engaged because they will be involved in the improvement process
  • Develop a higher level of accountability
  • Feel an increased sense of responsibility
  • Build more trust by having their role acknowledged as playing a crucial roll in the success of your business

The employee development benefits of a Lean Sigma culture will provide your organization with benefits far into the future.  Your employees will develop a sense of ownership and accountability.  This will allow them to continue to focus on delivering results and searching out additional process improvements in other facets of your business.

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