About Us

We Understand Your Needs
Your organization is different from every other organization in the world.  You have your own strengths, your own challenges and your own staff, who have their own skills.  Because of those differences, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to streamlining your business.  In fact, if you try to use cookie-cutter solutions, you will likely incur a great deal of frustration and you won’t experience the full benefits of any process improvement program.

That is why at Strategic Lean Consulting, everything starts with YOU and with identifying what you want to achieve for your organization.

After your goal has been clearly defined, we will work with your staff to design a solution for your business.  Our proposal will be specific to your business and will take into account the unique strengths of your organization as well as the resources you have available for the project.

Our job is to first understand your goals for the project, then to deliver the top quality results our clients have come to expect from us.

Creating Change

Once the goal has been set, a clear direction determined and an implementation plan created, comes the part where the change happens and your business begins to see results.

We will work alongside of your key staff to create process improvements for your organization that are both measurable as well as sustainable.   Part of this process also includes helping you to identify and develop the “change agents” already within your company.

We will provide those key people with the skills and tools that will allow them to accelerate, enhance and create the culture of change that is needed within your business to embrace the process improvements, expand the change culture and remain competitive within your industry into the future.

Changing the Culture of Your Organization

Creating a culture of change within your organization requires changing the mindset of your staff.  That can only be done when leaders in your organization are involved in leading the change process.

This isn’t just about rolling out changes to make a few processes more efficient and cost effective.
This is about changing the culture of your business to become more competitive in the marketplace and position your company to gain market share well into the future.

It is critical to the future of your organization that your leaders have the tools, knowledge and skills required to guide people through the stages of change and to drive new ways of thinking into your culture.

We can help that happen.

The result of developing a change culture is where:

  • Your staff will identify waste and remove it, without needing to be told
  • People will understand that they are working to create value, not to just do a job
  • Staff will recognize the importance of continuous improvement to the future of the business
  • The status quo is no longer good enough

All of this can only happen when the leaders or your organization are aligned and committed to the change culture and they have developed the ability to change the thinking and the behavior of your staff.

Strategic Lean Consulting can make that happen.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to take the next step to streamline your business and change the culture to gain a competitive advantage into the future, contact Strategic Lean Consulting to get started.

Contact us at 405-345-1437 or email us so we can discuss the next steps for your organization.

If both parties agree that it makes sense to move forward, we will set up more detailed meetings to get a clearer picture of your needs and goals.  We will then use that information to develop a solution that is customized to your business.  This can be done with or without our assistance depending upon the details involved.

There is typically no fee charged for the development of a proposed solution for your organization.  If you choose to move forward with the project, we will provide an attractive ROI and will ensure that your investment will be well worth it for the future of your business.

If you are interesting in learning more, please contact us.

Our Success

We don’t just deliver tools, we deliver solutions to your problems. You will work with consults who possess long-term, proven experience in Lean

Our Guarantee
We’re so sure you will be happy with our services, we guarantee it.  If you are unhappy for any reason, we’ll make it right.  If you’re still not happy, you don’t owe us anything.