Learn the business skills you need to grow your company
Want to have the clarity of knowing exactly which strategic decisions to make for your business? This training package was made for you.

Learn how to go “under the hood” of your business

If you run a small business or startup, you got started because you’re really good at something. Whether that’s offering professional services, creating physical products or anything else. You’re not, and no one expects you to be, an expert on business strategy.

But if you focus all your time serving customers and never work on your business, you’re missing out on growth. Corporate training is great, but it’s often expensive and requires you to be out of the office. What small businesses need is a cost effective solution that teaches key business skills in your own time.

Introducing the Strategic Small Business Course
How would it feel to walk into your business at the start of the day, the month, and even the first day of the year, knowing exactly which strategies you are going to implement to grow your organization?

It’s difficult to know what you should do right now for your business, particularly if you’ve never been coached in business strategy. When running your business takes up all of your day, it’s a struggle to make time for additional learning.

The Strategic Small Business Course is a simple way to learn these key lessons. It teaches you everything you need to know to grow your business and take it to the next level.


What you’ll find inside

The Strategic Small Business Course is a five module learning system that teaches practical tips that can be directly applied to your business:

✓ Learning the basics of business management
✓ Creating strategic plans to get your business on the right track
✓ Utilizing creative and innovative thinking that grows your business
✓ Applying problem solving tools in your business to drive improvements
✓ How to improve systematic processes within your business

Over 10 hours of video with a structure to fully support your education and free lifetime access to updates and additional training modules.


Supporting every area of successful business ownership

Module 1: Business Management 101
Being a business owner requires long-term strategic vision balanced with attention to detail. It needs an understanding of many aspects of running your business as well as a big picture view.

Basic Business Management offers an introduction to the complexities of operating a business environment. It covers essential learning for new business owners and a refresh for experienced business people.
What you will learn
✓ Applying the best methods for creating, leading, and managing your business
✓ How to establish an organizational framework through operations, finance, and leadership
✓ The essential elements of marketing, sales, and developing a company brand
✓ How to apply financial and accounting terms correctly
✓ Leadership essentials including ethical business practices
✓ Putting the right people in place and training them for success

Module 2 Creative Thinking and Innovation:
Creative thinking and innovation are vital to business success. Many business people think they simply aren’t creative. But they are overlooking hundreds of creative micro-decisions they take in any week.

The Creative Thinking and Innovation module helps you develop and harness your creativity. It takes you through the process to boost your creative and innovative abilities in a professional setting.

What you will learn
✓ The importance of creativity and innovation in business
✓ How to implement creative ideas
✓ Identifying the difference between creativity and innovation
✓ Building a business environment that supports creativity
✓ Problem solving frameworks and tools
✓ Practical individual and group techniques to help generate creative ideas
✓ Creative techniques: RAP model, shoe swap, mind mapping, metaphors and analogies, situation/solution reversal
✓ Encouraging creativity in a team: brainstorming, rolestorming, brainwriting, stepladder, and slip writing

Module 3: Strategic Planning
As a company, it’s difficult to reach your destination without a well designed plan. It’s even more important when you’re a leader and have to convince employees to join you. Unconvinced workers may develop their own priorities and work against company goals.

Module 3 will help you describe what you want to do and get people where you want to go. It walks you through creating a plan built around your organization’s values, vision, and mission. Then, it will go into depth on the challenge of bringing these principles to life in a meaningful way that people can relate to.

What you will learn
✓ Understanding strategic planning and the goal setting process
✓ Identifying your values and designing a vision of your company
✓ Assigning roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities with your business
✓ Writing a mission statement that explains your company purpose
✓ What is a SWOT analysis and how it can help your business
✓ Tools and techniques to create a strategic plan that leads the organization
✓ Ways to implement, evaluate, and review a strategic plan
✓ Example case studies of mission statements

Module 4: Problem Solving and Decision Making

We make hundreds of decisions to solve problems every single day. We start making decisions before we even get out of bed. However, when it comes to business, many people feel uncomfortable with decision making. But they shouldn’t.

Module 4 will take you through finding creative solutions to business challenges. The answer rests in our ability to identify options, research them, and use the right decision making structures. Having the right processes can take the anxiety out of problem solving and make decisions easier.

What you will learn
✓ The best approach for making decisions and identifying solutions
✓ Creating a plan for implementing, evaluating, and executing decisions
✓ Decision making in group settings and individual accountability
✓ How to avoid common decision-making mistakes
✓ Performing SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats) analysis
✓ Thinking creatively as part of a decision making process
✓ How to apply problem solving steps and tools
✓ Analyzing information to clearly describe problems

Module 5: Business Process Management

Business process management helps you leverage processes to achieve your objectives. Proper management covers implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This is the only way to ensure that processes can be optimized to accomplish your goals.

The final module will introduce you to true business process management. You’ll learn how to provide a higher level of quality and consistency for your customers leading to an improved bottom line.

What you will learn
✓ The fundamentals of business process management and related concepts
✓ Recognizing the vital role processes play in a business
✓ Appreciating the role of technology in process management
✓ Developing a vision to guide process improvement
✓ Understanding how to design or enhance an existing process using the business process life cycle
✓ Evaluating process changes for optimization
✓ Identifying how Lean and Six Sigma methods can assist in managing and improving processes
✓ Using tools and techniques to eliminate waste and redundancies


“What if it doesn’t work for me?

It’s simple: Try everything. If you don’t love it, just email us at any time during the first 60 days and show me you’re applying the strategies and not seeing results. I’ll refund 100% of your price. I stand by my course and am certain that it will support you in business ownership.


What’s next for your business?

I’m not sure what your goals are with your business. Maybe you want to grow and take on more staff. Or maybe you want to focus on serving the customers you already support.

Whatever your goal, it all starts with understanding the strategic decisions you need to make. If you’re not lucky enough to have had business coaching, you have two options:

The slow route: Continue doing what you’ve been doing and work things out through a lot of trial and error.

The direct approach: Adopt a proven framework with the Strategic Small Business Course and build a stronger business.

The choice is yours.


Join now for just $67

✓ All 5 in-depth learning modules
✓ Over 10 hours of video
✓ Access training at your own pace
✓ Free access to additional future training
✓ Full worksheets to support learning
✓ Standard forms that are ready to use for your business
✓ Additional 2 hours of one-to-one online coaching


Common Questions

Is this course for specific types of business?
No. The principles that are taught in this package are principles of good business and good decision making. They can be applied to a range of situations and scenarios.

I’m just starting out. Is this right for me?
Most all business people will tell you that they wish they knew more of the strategies and principles that are taught in this package. While undoubtedly, it will help people that have been involved in business for a number of years, it will also help those just starting out get on the right foot.

What happens after I buy this course?
You’ll be directed to where you can access the course including all videos, worksheets and forms.