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Leadership Development
The business world of today is one that is constantly changing.  If your business doesn’t have leaders who can embrace this philosophy and bring the staff along with them, you will fall behind your competition.

Strategic Lean Consulting has leadership programs that can equip your supervisors, managers and unofficial leaders with the knowledge and mindset necessary to create a culture of positive change that is needed to drive your organization forward.
We have three different leadership programs that can be customized dependent upon your specific needs.  They each include classroom instruction that is highly interactive as well as individual coaching sessions.

High Performance Leadership
This program was developed for the highest level leaders in your organization and the focus is:

  • Systemic problem-solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Organizational development
  • Leading for change

High Performance Management
This program is for the middle managers of your organization, the people who have direct reports as well as leaders to report to.   The focus of this program is to enhance skills related to:

  • Developing people
  • Project management
  • Leading teams
  • Strategy deployment
  • People management

High Performance Supervision
This program is for the team leaders and first level of supervisors in your organization.  The focus for this program is on:

  • Facilitating daily improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Managing people
  • Measuring performance
  • Coaching

Strategic Planning
Every business will experience both technical and human challenges that must be addressed.  The success of your business is dependent upon how closely your efforts are matched with handling these problems.

While that sounds like common sense, the reality is that most organizations do NOT practice this.  The reality is that saying this is what should be done is easy, however implementing this philosophy becomes much more complicated because of conflicting priorities and goals.

Too often, organizations embark on trying to change their culture without taking the important first step of identifying what they truly want to achieve.   The result is that massive amounts of time, effort and money that were invested into the improvement is wasted because the process improvement and culture of change couldn’t be sustained.
Strategic Lean Consulting can help put you on the path to creating a culture of positive change that your company CAN sustain well into the future.  We do this by helping you create a better connection between the objectives of your business and the activities that can actually improve your business.

During this program, SLC will help your company:

  • Build a road map for your organization’s improvement
  • Create a Value Stream Map
  • Define Lean performance measures that will benefit your organization
  • Implement the identified Lean performance measures
  • Develop a system for Policy Deployment
  • Execute the Policy Deployment plan
  • Create a system for Continual Improvement

Kaizen Facilitation
Improvement projects are not limited to large projects, change can happen through smaller events as well.  This can be defined as Kaizen change – a small change for the better.

SLC can facilitate any type of Kaizen event to improve the culture and direction of your organization.  One of the programs we offer will teach your organization how to facilitate these events on your own.

During this program, SLC will help your organization:

  • Identify Kaizen events that can have a huge impact on your business
  • Facilitate Kaizen events for your business
  • Train your employees to become certified Kaizen facilitators

Six Sigma Project Leadership
Your organization can realize tremendous results when you correctly use high impact tools, like Six Sigma. However, having the ability to effectively utilize something as powerful as Six Sigma only comes with extensive education and experience.  For most organizations this expertise doesn’t reside in your business.  The best answer is to use a Six Sigma specialist to lead your project to ensure the maximum long term results.

Strategic Lean Consulting can help you take advantage of Green and Black Belt training as well as Champion training.
Change Agent Development

One thing most highly successful companies have in common is the fact that they allocate a percentage of their companies workforce to be “change agents”.   These are people who positively influence those they work with.  They are effective coaches, teachers, mentors, leaders and they are also comfortable with a certain level of risk taking.

SLC can help you identify those potential change agents and provide them the opportunity to develop their change management skills so they can have a greater impact on your business.

As trained change agents, those staff will have the ability to more effectively solve problems and to utilize the tools required to continue to move your business forward.  They will also have the crucial ability to adjust their approach based upon a variety of factors, including the size of your business, skill of the staff and your vision.

Employee Training
Organizations with a quality employee training program are much better positioned to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment, and SLC can help you build this training program.

We are available for customized programs focused on leadership development, Six Sigma, Lean as well as many individual courses focused on employee improvement and development.

Our classes are results focused, are interactive to ensure your staff is engaged and have many different delivery methods.

Through these programs, SLC can help you:

  • Create a training program that emphasizes continuous improvement in your company
  • Provide high value training
  • Meet whatever needs you have by customizing any program as needed