What Is Lean Sigma

A Lean process improvement project is focused on reducing the “waste” in a process, while Six Sigma is focused on reducing defects to improve quality.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer on the best way to streamline your organization because your business is not the same as anyone else’s. lean consulting

In some cases, the Six Sigma strategies and tools will be the most effective for your business.  In other cases, the concepts of Lean will provide your business with the greatest benefit.

Our experience has shown you will receive the highest return on your investment when the powerful strategies of Lean and Six Sigma are used together, to complement each other.

This combination of Lean and Six Sigma is called Lean Sigma.

Strategic Lean Consulting uses the Lean Sigma strategy to develop the most comprehensive and effective improvement plan for your business.

This combined approach achieves results that have a much greater impact than if just one of the improvement strategies was implemented individually.

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