What is Lean

Simply put, “Lean” is the concept of learning how to work smarter instead of working harder.

Successful implementation the Lean business strategy will change the culture of your business.  Everyone will be focused on how to improve their job.

Every aspect of a process is reviewed and evaluated and anything that is not essential to produce a quality end product for the customer is removed or reorganized.


Once the Lean principles are implemented into your business, you will see the following changes:six sigma

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs

The Lean strategy involves optimizing all facets of the process to reduce waste and costs.

The definition of a “process” can be an assembly line, but it can also be things like setting up an operating room, etc.  There are no limits on what type of “process” can benefit from the Lean methods.

The Customer Focus

The Lean focus is to analyze all aspects and costs of the process from the perspective of the customer.

In your current process, every extra step or scrap of material is an added expense.  That expense is eventually passed on to the customer.

During the Lean project, everything that is not required to satisfy the customer experience is not essential to the process and is considered “waste”.

This waste is either removed or reorganized.

Lean Results

The result of the Lean business strategy is a business that:

  • Is more focused on the customer
  • Is more efficient
  • Generates more revenue

When your business uses Lean principles, your business will be much better positioned to remain competitive in your industry well into the future.

As costs for your competitors continue to rise, yours will go down!

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