What is Six Sigma

The Six Sigma business model originated in 1986 with Motorola.  six sigma consultant

Since then, it has been used in thousands of businesses across the world, in every industry imaginable and has saved those organizations billions of dollars.

While the focus of a Lean project and culture is to reduce the “waste” in a process, the focus of the Six Sigma strategy is on quality.

In most cases, poor quality is the result of too many variables within the process that are uncontrolled.

The result is a wide variation in quality.

A Six Sigma project will reduce the variables, called “defects”, so the quality of your product or service is consistently what you expect.

  • Identify the components of the process that are causing you problems, i.e. the defects
  • Develop solutions to control and reduce those defects
  • Implement the best solution

Six Sigma Results

When you use the Six Sigma principles for your project, your business will be able to deliver your products or services that are consistently of the same quality.

A business that operates from a Six Sigma perspective will see:six sigma consulting

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue for your business
  • More focus on quality from all employees, not just the Quality Control department

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