Who Benefits From Lean Sigma

In a word… anyone with a business can benefit from Lean Sigma.


If you have a business, Lean Sigma can make you a better business.

Although large corporations are the most well known users of the Lean Sigma strategy, it can be used in any business, regardless of the size.

In fact, smaller businesses can sometimes see a greater benefit due to the lower volume of red-tape and fewer people.  These smaller businesses have fewer people who have to get on board with a change, which means they can make decisions and make changes more quickly.



The main benefit of a Lean Sigma project is monetary, but that is far from the only benefit you will see.

If you have employees, they will benefit from implementing a Lean Sigma culture into your organization.

People all across the organization will become more engaged and invested in their work once Lean Sigma has been implemented.  These are the people who are in the best position to understand how to make a process more efficient and effective.

Their involvement in the Lean Sigma process will increase both their confidence and their accountability.  They will become the most important asset of your entire organization.

This understanding that they have had a positive impact on the organization will continue to grow long after the initial project is completed and it will have a positive impact on your entire organization.

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